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Ideas for Console and Computer Gaming's Journal
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Saturday, January 22nd, 2005
7:22 pm
I'm greatpenguin, and I'm a geek. (Recorded crowd of voices: "Hi, greatpenguin!")
My game idea has been made and remade and remade and (ad infinitum) for many years now. It is named The Secret of Kelmar Saga. It is really just one game, but divided into two parts ... a la the "Volumes" of Kill Bill.

The plot: I'd go into detail about it, but it would probably spoil a great deal of the events. Suffice it to say, the events of the saga revolve around the latent magical Aura that surrounds their planet.

Part 1: "Secret of Kelmar", isn't really astonishing in itself, but part 2 couldn't really be understood without it. It is more or less the obligatory "Slay evil" RPG, buuut...

Part 2: "Clan of the Hammer", is my pet project, even in spite of how little work I'm able to do on it right now. It features a much deeper plot, new playable characters, and a duo of new villains, each with his own special brand of badass. Part 2 is the culmination of a great prophecy, but precisely what that means is up to the player ... after a certain point in the game, there are two entirely different plotlines to follow and each has a different ending. I am planning to make several alternate endings, as well.
4:13 pm
Another game idea.
I posted this in my LJ but I'll post it here too.

The ancients found a system of planets, and one planet, in particular, a gas giant, around which many moons orbit, posessed six moons which were capable of supporting life. It was quite a surprise. The ancients intervened with the moons and their species. Now there are six fully sentient species, ranging from completely unaltered in terms of biology to completely the creation of the ancients, but all of whom had some interaction and influence by the ancients, whether genetic or cultural. The ancients left, however, and nobody knows why. Now six heroes from six different worlds meet up at a strange space station called the nexus, and also meet a holographic being which can enter any part of the nexus at will, but can't go on the worlds without a hologram program turned on or a holo-emitter. They resolve to uncover the mysteries surrounding the ancients, and to explore and affect the outcome of six strange new worlds, bringing forth a future, and revealing a past, that could be anyone's guess.

I'll post comments to this thread as I add on to the idea with details about the game.
Sunday, November 7th, 2004
12:46 pm
I am posting just to let you know this LJ is active.

I have a few gaming ideas. The very first was a game called Upheaval. I haven't worked out all the details but it's supposed to be a nifty game. I am thinking on working with a few friends on the first game in the Upheaval series. It'll be about chaos, both in warfare and politics, environmental disasters, and the aliens who engineered them.

Anybody else? Details are fine. I don't have details for this game now but I will later. I have other games in mind but this is the only one I want to do publicly for now. Who knows? Maybe we will all work together on this someday.
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